The Spy

From I Spy

The Spy by Svetozár Hurban-Vajanský

Know, my hearers: Demons likewise are diverse
Down in hell’s dominions; one with rage will course,
While ‘mid stench another prays in demon style,
Direr is the second, more unclean and vile.
Wearied of destroying, once this imp began
Aping the Almighty, fashioning a man.
Seized into his talons clay from hellish soil,
Slavered foully on it, three whole days of toil.
Mingled with it evil, folly, brawl, disgrace,
All that’s vain and dastard, foul and mean and base.
Breathed and filled the clod then with a traitor’s soul, —
“Father, I am ready,” squeaked the puny troll.
“Son, what wouldst thou be now? King, as fables tell?”
“Nay, a spy, my father, where the Slovaks dwell.”

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