Beer Is All There Is

This blog is all about drinking and reading in moderation. The reading is done for entertainment and edification. The beer is consumed for flavor and to expand the palate. (Figuratively speaking, of course. When I was young my orthodontist fitted me with a palate expander, and that was sufficiently painful to dissuade me from ever seeking to literally expand my palate any further.) But of course, drinking and reading can be done in excess.

On occasion, both I and the narrator of the poem Beer have over indulged to the point where others were prompted to ask, “what the hell have you done to yourself?” In my case, however, overindulgence has never been to cope with loss or out of despair. When I drink too much, it is because I am enjoying myself so much that I don’t want to stop. In the poem, on the other hand, “rivers and seas of beer” are consumed because of lost love: because the phone doesn’t ring and the sound of that woman’s footsteps never come.

I count among my many blessings the fact that I am not a depressed drinker. Beer is good, fun, and wholesome. Why should anybody waste good beer on feeling bad? Hell, why waste any beer on feeling bad. A drink after a rough day or after some bad news can do a lot of good, but getting hammered drunk out of sadness just appeals to me not.


Beer of the week: Coors Banquet Beer – I don’t know what beer Bukowski preferred, but I found a photo of him with an empty Coors six-pack holder. Also, this Coors Original came in commemorative throwback packaging that replicates the sort of bottle that Bukowski might have ashed his cigarettes into. The beer pours clear and golden, with a white, fluffy head. There is not much aroma to speak of. The flavor is fairly bland, lead primarily by cheap grain. There is actually a bit of nostalgia about this beer. This is what beer used to taste like in the USA. My, how far we’ve come.

Reading of the week: Beer by Charles Bukowski – Woman, writes Bukowski, “lives seven and one half years longer than the male, and she drinks very little beer because she knows its bad for the figure.” But that is not the only advantage woman has over man; she also goes out and dances rather than staying home and trying to drink away her feelings.

Question of the week: Heavy drinking certainly causes a number of problems, but can it ever significantly help with others?


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