How Odd

Only a block from my apartment is Odyssey, a self-proclaimed “Western Bar.”  How I lived in the neighborhood for four months without darkening their door, I do not know.  The Olde English sign alone should have been enough to draw me in.  (As it turns out, they do not serve OE.)

I assumed that a “Western Bar” meant an American style bar, where I could sit alone on a bar-stool and maybe watch some sort of sport on the television.  Feeling somewhat lonely and homesick, this behavior was exactly what I was looking for.  However, the “Westernness” of Odyssey consisted primarily of a few small cowboy statuettes and a Betty Boop poster.  So I sat alone at a table, watching the news without any sound.  With the help of a young lady at the next table, I ordered fried chicken and a Beck’s Dark.  I am sure I looked particularly lonely at a table set for four with a huge pile of fried chicken (and the side of fries that came with it) in front of me.  I was several people short of a Homeric ideal: “There is nothing better or more delightful than when a whole people make merry together, with the guests sitting orderly to listen, while the table is loaded with bread and meats, and the cup-bearer draws wine and fills his cup for every man.”

Beer of the week: Beck’s Dark – Perhaps my own bad mood flavored the beer.  I had remembered Beck’s Dark fondly for its crisp, dark malt flavor combined with a light body.  On this night however, the beer seemed somewhat bland and watery.  For the price, I was happy to move on to domestic draughts to wash down my chicken.  Also, in Korea, the neck of the chicken is fried and served with the rest.  I assume this is done as a joke.

Reading for the week:  The Odyssey by Homer, Book IX, Lines 1-38 – Ulysses begins his emotional narrative to the Phaeacians with the claim that there is nothing more delightful than merry-making with plenty of wine and food.  But he goes on to show that even in such a pleasant atmosphere, the weary traveler longs for his home.

Question for the week:  If “there is nothing dearer to a man than his own country,” what sort of force is it that makes men leave their homes and seek adventure in the first place?

3 Comments on “How Odd”

  1. Cole says:

    Ulysses? What is this? Also, I didn’t know you switched the blog. Lastly, I could really go for some fried chicken right now. Unfortunately, they don’t make fried chicken flavored Ramen.

    • 1. Dismount. I have heard you refer to “Ajax.” Ulysses is simply sounds more awesome than Odysseus (cf. “You touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses: How his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing.”) But mostly the Butler translation is the best copyright-free translation I could find online and it uses Ulysses.
      2. My other blogs ( and are both in a state of limbo. My distance from the United States adversely affects the former and the latter threatened to become dangerously personal.
      3. In Korea ramen is called ramyan and comes in spicy and extra spicy.
      4. In case you didn’t understand “dismount” in part 1, I was suggesting that you get down off of your high horse.
      5. Spell check recommends I change “twodollarproject” to “petrodollar.”

      • Cole says:

        I just read this comment – and have yet to dismount. Although, I might say the same to you after reading your 4th point.

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